Why Recycling of Your Scrap Car is Important

As with recycling you used aluminum and steel cans, newspapers and glass, recycling your scrap car or truck is an economically viable and ecologically friendly way to dispose of your unwanted vehicles. The majority of your old automobile is reusable iron, steel, aluminum, and in many cases, plastics. Recycling these materials can makes a sizable dent in the labor and manufacturing costs of new vehicles, while drastically reducing the amount of facory waste and pollution. Leakign fluids and fuels from unused cars sitting in a junkyard can seep into the groundwater system, cause de-vegetation and widespread contamination. Help keep Melbourne beautiful and safe by recycling your used automobile.

cash-towing-removalCar owners looking to responsibly dispose of their unwanted automobiles should investigate companies such as Haraza Car Removal, which encourage responsible disposal of your used auto by maintaining a recycling program. As well as making an environmentally sound decision, you also have the opportunity to be paid for the removal of that unwanted auto. This enables your old car to be reused and fabricated into new parts and appliances, while contributing to the economic welfare of Melbourne in general. More money in your pocket means more growth for Melbourne!

The process of recycling your old car is much easier than you would think. There are no forms to fill out, no hoops or red tape. Simply call Haraza Car Removal for a free quote, respond with some basic information about the make, model and condition of the vehicle, and we can send a professional out to you for immediate estimate and removal. The experts at Haraza Car Removal can answer any questions you may have about the recycling process, as well as how much you can expect to receive for your used car.


Recycling your used automobiles helps to regulate the production of greenhouse gases, and decreases the use of non-renewable fossil fuels, and promotes responsible consumerism. The experts at Haraza Car Removal are professional and courteous, with more than a decade of proven professional conduct in the Melbourne community. When you recycle your used auto, they will painstakingly disassemble and catalogue the parts of your car. Parts that can be refurbished and reused will be professionally restored and resold at a minimum premium, to keep costs low for our local drivers. Unusable parts can be melted down and reused as scrap, enabling new production from recycled materials, ensuring a lower level of pollution and a healthier environment. The tyres are also either reused, or if not viable, melted down for reuse.

Call the experts at Haraza Car Removal for a free quote, and do the environment, the Melbourne economy, and your pocketbook at favor!

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