Free Car Removal + free Collection = $5999 instant Cash (2)

If you live in Melbourne and are tired of having your backyard or a driveway with old junk cars taking up place than calling Hazara car removals in Melbourne. We can take your old junk cars off of your hands for free with their freejunk car removal and free car pickup. We have a fleet of tow trucks that are available for same day pickups. 

free towingFree car removals is a great way to get rid of those old unwanted vehicles that you do not want any more, and Hazara car removal company pay you cash for you cars. We accept all makes and models from cars, trucks, vans, 4WD vehicles and Utes.  It does not matter if they are in good condition or are completely wrecked, we’ll offer free collection and pay you cash for your cars. 

Not everything in life is free but with Hazara’s free car removal it makes it easy to simply call 0409 145 434 or email us to come take the vehicle off of your hands and out of your sight and free your space. 

If you have a car you want to get rid of but are unsure of how to do that and what the proper way is to recycle your old wrecked or unwanted cars than there is a much simpler way which is to call or email us to come and get your vehicle. 

Knowing that it is free and that your vehicle is going to be disposed of properly can help easy your mind when it comes to how to dispose of your unwanted car.  By emailing or calling a Hazara car removal you can find out how much they are willing to pay you for it.

Hazara car removal are environmental friendly and want to do their part to ensure that old unwanted and damaged vehicles are being properly disposed which is why they offer free junk car removal.  Also many times there are parts of these cars whether it is just a piece of the hood or so parts under the hood can be recycled and reused.

By getting your old car removed you are not only getting it out of your sight and off of your property but you are also helping the environment not only by having it disposed of properly but sometimes old cars can leak fluids and chemicals into the ground as they sit there slowly rusting away.Having your car properly disposed of is a great way to help the environment and to also get rid of a car that you no longer want or need with a simple email or phone call.

Get your vehicle removed FREE by calling 0409 145 434

Free Cash Quote Available

car on truckWhen it comes to Cash for Car Removal Melbourne service, Hazara Car Removals is the best option available. We provide all our clients a free upfront cash quote that is often very accurate and highest rated in the market. You can you Free Cash Quote from our website when you visit or over the phone when you call us. Our well informed customer care agents will take all details regarding your car or vehicle in Melbourne and present a free cash quote estimation based on those details. Our Car Removal Melbourne service is known to pay highest cash value for junk car removal Melbourne. We offer:

  • Best customer service for Scrap Car Removal Melbourne
  • Highest value instant cash quote available for all our clients
  • On-spot cash payout that is very consistent with our free cash quote
  • Service all over the Melbourne region available 7 days a week
  • Doorstep based service where you don’t need to move at all

Free Verification and Towing Services

Hazara Car Removals Melbourne offers free vehicle verifications and towing services in or around the city. We have Car Removal Melbourne experts who travel down to our client’s doorsteps offering free on-spot car or vehicle verification. This way, our clients don’t have to get their cars anywhere at all. When you vehicle is non-moving capable, our doorstep based service comes very useful. Additionally, we also offer free towing service in and around Melbourne with our top rated Cash for Car Removals. You will get:

  • Free doorstep based vehicle verification
  • Free on-spot cash quote presented after documents including registration, ownership and identification are verified
  • Top on-spot cash paid right there and then clearing the quote
  • Free car or vehicle towing service available at all locations in Melbourne

Free Car Removal for Any Makes and Models

For our top rated Car Removal Melbourne service, Hazara Car Removals accepts any car or vehicle from any brand or model. Whether you have a popular local make or model or you have some imported not so popular vehicle that is no longer useful, we will pay top dollar for it. At Hazara Car Removals, there is no set preference for what makes and models of cars we accept with our best rated Scrap Car Removal service. Whether you have a broken or damaged car, too old or accidental damaged car, mechanically broken or non-moving capable car and/or any other condition of vehicle from any makes, we will pay you out top cash for it. Our accepted vehicles include:

  • Asian (mainly Japanese cars) including Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki or Kia
  • European car makes such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot or Volvo
  • American Cars brands such as GMC, Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, Chrysler, Tesla or Cadillac
  • We accept any models of these mentioned car makes or any other ones that you might have

Free Car Removals in Melbourne and Surroundings

At Hazara Car Removals, we are professionals providing service in all Melbourne region. We cover all Melbourne city areas and also suburbs. Our doorstep based Scrap Car Removal Melbourne service gets to your parking location anywhere in or around the city in no time. Usually, we respond the say day provided you call at an early hour. Alternatively, you can also book a Cash for Car Removal appointment on your convenience as well. We cover:

  • All Melbourne city areas with our perfect Car Removal Service
  • Cash for Car Removal service available in Eastern Suburbs, all areas
  • Scrap Car Removal service available in Western Suburbs, all areas
  • All wasted or non-useful cars accepted in all parts of Melbourne city


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