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Brought a New Car but want to sell your previous used car?

Selling cars privately can often be a stressful and expensive experience. Selling a car privately involves a lot of costs attached to it, costs such as advertising, depreciation and insurance. One may also be faced with the prospect of people contacting at all hours and then making a low offer in the hope that it is accepted.

Hazara’s Cash Car Service offer a simple, hassle-free way to sell a car at a price one is happy with. When you need cash, Hazara Car Remoivals buys all cars, any model and in any condition in Victoria. Whether you want to sell a car, truck or SUV, all vehicles are accepted. Hazara Car Removals picks up car on the same day, and gets one the money fast!

Hazara Car Removals offer a stress and hassle free way of selling your car online. As one of the largest and most established local buyer of cars, it has the purchasing power to offer a competitive price for your car and buy it straight away. Whatever the make, model, age or condition it is.



junk-car-yardOnce your car no longer runs as it used to, it is time to get rid of it. This is important because an old car means greater expenses on fuel and repairs since older cars do not use efficient fuel technologies. The number one car recycling service provider is the Hazara Car Removal.

Hazara Car Removal is the best old car and damage car removal service provider in Melbourne. And aside from these services, they also buy scrap cars, old model salvage, MOT failures and write off of insurance, and damaged cars. The cash for cars company is the biggest purchaser of wrecked cars in the whole country. Removal service that the company offers is for free so you don’t have to worry about the salvage cost, whatever the car’s condition is – Dead or Alive

towingThis old car removal service provider isn’t just a car removal company offering removal services as they’re also purchasing automobiles in cash. The cash for cars company removes your unwanted and damaged car from your premises for money. When compared to other companies that offer the same services, Hazara Car Removal will pay you more.

Their staffs are very friendly to customers and they will guide you during the whole process. Hazara Car Removal is working on hard hours to help you clean your backyard and garage. Also, they strive for excellence by providing you the world class and fast service unlike other car removal companies in Melbourne.

They are very experienced in the field and have 10 tow trucks that are willing to provide service any time needed. Hazara Car Removal is the expert in the field of junk cars removal and wrecking services that operates in many beautiful areas in Melbourne as well as in surrounding suburbs. So if you are planning on selling your damaged or old cars, the right company for you to ask their services is Hazara Car Removal.

The process is very easy for you to follow as you just need to complete all the forms on their site. After you have finished this process, the information will immediately be forwarded to the scrap and salvage specialist in your locality.

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Cash for Cars Melbourne

Cash for Cars Melbourne – Cash Paid Upto $5,999


Hazara Car Removal can help you on that. Hazara Car Removal specializes in purchasing any kind of cars like van, trucks, tractors, 4×4, and many others – whether it is damaged, unwanted, old model, dead or alive. Whatever its condition is, they will buy it. But the better the condition of the car, the better will be its price. If you have unwanted, damaged or old cars that you want to dispose, Hazara Car Removals will come to you and pay you right away.

Through this, you will be able to get rid of the stress and hassle due to time consuming process of selling your cars on private sales. There is no greater and perfect choice than the Hazara Car Removal. It is the fastest, easiest, most convenient, and hassle and stress free way to dispose your car. They offer much higher price in buying any kind of cars compared to other companies, they got professional and expert workers, they have friendly staffs to guide and help you, and most of all, they provide you an excellent service where you will surely be satisfied. But for cars which are not worth anything at all, they also offer a car removal service for free. The company also offers services for free removal and arranging vehicle removals with no extra expenses.

With the entire great and amazing offers that Hazara Car Removal provide, there is no need for you look any further because there is no other cash for car company like Hazara Car Removal. So if you have any kinds of cars at home that you want to dispose in return with cash for payment, Hazara Car Removal is the perfect place for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact Hazara Car Removal, sell your car and receive the cash payment right away!


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Offering Top Dollar for Old Broken Cars in Melbourne

Do you have an old, broken or damage car in Melbourne? Hazara Car Removal provides top quality Cash for Cars Melbourne service that pays you top dollar for it right on the spot. Our junk car removal service is usually the highest paying one regardless of the condition or scenario of your car or vehicle in or around the city. Hazara Car Removal is one of the most experienced service providers in the city. Our specialized business channels make use of your car parts most efficiently enabling us to provide a higher cash payout for your car. You will find our Scrap Car Removal process to be very easy to understand as well. It works as follows:

  • You book your junk car removal appointment with us over the phone or from our website
  • Our team drives down to your location with all the verification and checkup equipment
  • We offer a detailed and on-spot cash quote having verified your car and its condition
  • Our team removes the car from your premises with our towing service that is available at all times for all our clients
  • We leave you with a pocket full of cash and an emptied parking space that can be used for your newer or other cars or vehicles

It really is that simple with Hazara Car Removal in or around the Melbourne region. You just sit and relax while we remove your unwanted old and junk car from your premises paying you top dollar for it on our way out.

We Buy Any Car in Any Condition

Hazara Car Removal is a Cash for Car expert and we believe in providing our clients a satisfactory level of service at all times. Our processes are tailor-made for anyone in or around the Melbourne region. You will always get the maximum amount for your old junk car that might be no longer any use to you at all. We accept any car or vehicle in any specific conditions for our perfect Cash for Car Removal and Junk Car Removal services. We will accept your car if it is:

  • Badly damaged and beyond a reasonable repair in its current stated having been involved in a major accident
  • Mechanically broken down requiring too expensive parts for its value for it to get back on the road for usage
  • Parked without being used for a very long time and is in a rusting old state with no life left in it at all
  • Really old and is no longer in a state for it to be resold or repaired at all

cash-towing-carWith Hazara Car Removal, you can sell us any car as long as it once used to run on four wheels. Our Cash for Cars Melbourne service is perfect for anyone having a car that is no longer any use to them at all and can’t be resold in the market for any given reason.

Doorstep Cash for Cars Melbourne Service for You

If you need a car removal service in Melbourne, the best fit for you will be one that offers free doorstep based Cash for Car Removal. Towing is one of the more expensive services in the region and if you have a car or vehicle that is not moving capable, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars to get towing to any scrap car removal service when they don’t offer free towing. Hazara Car Removal offers free doorstep Cash for Cars Removal Service in or around Melbourne that requires you to not move your car at all. We will come to you and perform all checks and verifications offering you top dollar for it right on the spot. Cash for Car Removal service in Melbourne has not been offered more professionally. Now you can get you old, broken, damaged or junk car removed for free while getting top dollar for it at the same time.


Car Removals Melbourne – Call Us 0409 145 434

Do you need best rated Car Removal service in Melbourne to get rid of your old unwanted car? A Car Removal Melbourne service might be a very unwanted one but it can become a necessity when your old car is no longer of any use at all. Hazara Car Removals is your best service provider when it comes to Cash for Car service in Melbourne, Australia. We have years of experience in the local industry and pay highest amount of on spot cash for all makes and models of cars in worse conditions.

We Buy Any Car in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the biggest Australian cities and is filled with activity around the clock. Hazara Car Removals provides professional Cash for Car services in the city where we buy any car from you paying top dollar on-spot for it. There are practically no limitations as to what brands or models of cars and vehicles you can sell for high amounts of cash with our Car Removal service. We buy any locally popular or international imported car model including:

  • All Asian cars with mostly Japanese such as Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai etc.
  • All European cars including Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Renault, Peugeot etc.
  • All American cars including Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Holden, Cadillac or Buick
  • Any other cars in all models from anywhere in the world as long as they used to run on four wheels once

Cars in All Conditions Accepted

When people have old broken cars, it is easy to think they might not be worth anything. However, that is far from truth when you deal with Hazara Car Removals in Melbourne. We practically accept all cars in all conditions paying top on-spot cash for them. We have well established business channels that help us make us of all old car’s parts and materials efficiently. We will accept cars or vehicles that might be:

  • Damaged from major accidents and beyond repair
  • Replaced with newer fresher models from their owners and are no use at all
  • Mechanically broken cars or vehicles that cannot be repaired and put back on the road
  • Too old cars or vehicles that have passed their heyday and are no use anymore

Top Dollar for Old Cars in Melbourne

Hazara Car Removals is a professional cash for car removal service providers in or around Melbourne. We pay top dollar for all broken or old cars in the region that might not be worth anything for their owners anymore. Whether you have a junk or scrap car or one that cannot be sold in the market at all, we will pay you top dollar for it in Melbourne. Our payout value starts from as low as $100 and goes all the up to $5,999. You will get highest cash payout value for your old and junk cars in the region and some other extra value for money features that we offer in or around the Melbourne region are:

  • Free vehicle checkup and verification based from your location in or around the city where you don’t have to move your car at all
  • Free car removal with free towing where we leave you with a pocket full of cash and an emptied out parking space for other usage

How We Manage Top Cash Payout for Scrap Cars

Hazara Car Removals is a professional service provide in the Melbourne region. Our Cash for Scrap Car service is tailored to perfection offering top dollar for all scrap cars. We have efficient business contacts with all the connected network in and around Melbourne. All our Junk Cars get handled responsibly. Once we get a car though our Cash for Car Removal Melbourne service, we usually repair it bringing it in top condition and putting it back on the road reselling it through our channels. If it is not repairable, we sell all its good parts to people looking for them and the rest of the materials are sent back to manufacturing lines. Nothing gets wasted and all this recycling and repairing allows us to pay top dollar for Scrap Car Removal service in the Melbourne region.

Hazara Car Removal has already 10 years of experience in this field and they have ten tow trucks that are committed in the industry. The company is expert in the disposals of the junk cars as well as wrecking services which operates in the beautiful places of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. If you are thinking to sell your old cars, then Hazara Auto Removals is the right company for you.

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Cash for Cars Melbourne – Hazara Car Removal Melbourne

Hazara Car Removal is specializing in the removal of unwanted, old as well as damaged cars. We are buying scrap autos, late model salvage, insurance write off and MOT failures. We are the largest buyers of the wreck automobiles in the entire country. We offers free removal service whatever the condition of the car is. Moreover, we are specialized in arranging vehicle removals service without having any cost.

Hazara Car Removal Melbourne is not just a company that offers car removal services. We are also buying cars in cash Melbourne. We takes away your scrap vehicle in exchange for money. Compare to any other companies, we are paying top dollars. All the paper works are also shouldered by us while giving you the right service at the same time. We have a friendly staff that will guide you in the entire process. Our company is working hard hours in order to help you to clean the garage and backyard as well as striving for excellence giving you the fast and world class service unlike any other.

Our Speciality is in: Cash for Car Removals Melbourne

Hazara Car Removal has already 10 years of experience in this field and they have ten tow trucks that are committed in the industry. Our company is expert in the disposals of the junk cars as well as wrecking services which operates in the beautiful places of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.  If you are thinking to sell your old cars, then Hazara Auto Removals is the right company for you.

If you are interested in having business with Hazara Auto Recycler, the process is just very easy to follow. Kindly complete the form on right page of the website. The personal information will be instantly sent to the salvage and scrap specialists in your area. They will be the one who will contact you directly to properly arrange the sell purchase as well as to pick up the vehicle. The great thing is that the details will be very confidential and it will not be passed to other parties. The company ensures your confidentiality and they will definitely exceed your expectations. 

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Car Removal Melbourne

Do you need high quality Car Removal Melbourne services in any part of the city? Hazara Car Removal is the right choice for you. With years of experience and some of the friendliest team members, our junk Car Removal Melbourne service provides maximum satisfaction for our clients at all times leaving them with a pocket full of cash and a free parking space. We pay highest amount of on-spot cash for your junk cars in Melbourne handling them responsibly once collected from you.

Cash for Cars Melbourne

Cash for Cars Melbourne is a proud service offered by Hazara Car Removals that aims to get rid of all your unwanted old cars and vehicles while paying your high amount of cash for them. If you have an old unwanted, broken or damaged car that is no longer drivable, we will take it from you salvaging as much cash for you as possible for something that is practically junk. Our Cash for Cars Melbourne service aims to provide on-spot cash for your old junk cars anywhere in the city.

Free Car Removals

Hazara Car Removal brings market leading Free Car Removals services in Melbourne that add no vehicle checkup or removal costs to your invoices. If you have an old written off or MOT failure vehicle parked at any location in Melbourne, call us now, we will bring all required equipment to provide you a satisfactory high quality Free Car Removals service that will not only clean up your valuable parking space but will also leave you with a pocket full of cash for your junk cars.

Cash for Car Removal Melbourne Western Suburbs

Do you have an old non-usable care or vehicle in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne City? Hazara Car Removals offers the most reliable and high quality Car Removal Melbourne Western Suburbs services that leave you with a pocket full of cash and an empty parking space. Why just throw away your old cars when you can yet salvage a hefty amount of cash for them with Hazara Removals. We accept all cars and vehicles for our Cash for Car Removal Melbourne Western Suburbs services. Any brand or make of car in any condition is accepted. Call us now to get an accurate estimate of how much we can pay for your old non-usable car.

Car Wreckers Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Are you looking for high on-spot cash for your junk car or vehicle in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne?

Hazara Car Removals is the most reliable and trustworthy Car Removals Melbourne Eastern Suburbs service provider in the region. We have been removing junk and scrap cars from our clients parking locations leaving them with high amounts of on-spot cash and a freed up parking space for a long time.

Do you think your old vehicle is worth nothing in its broken, damaged or too old rusting condition?

Hazara Car Removals accepts all kinds, types and conditions of vehicles for our Cash for Car Removal Melbourne Eastern Suburbs services salvaging the maximum amount for your cars and vehicles that cannot be put back on the road or resold for usage again. Call us now and get very accurate cash payout estimates to begin the process of removing your old car instantly.

Client’s Testimonial

Excellent service can’t fault them at all. Fast response after I filled out the online quote, phoned next 20 min to arrange and they even offered to pick the car up within the hour but was at work till 5pm. They paid cash. The driver was excellent, very pleasant and extremely helpful with the hole process of the paperwork and car. He arrived early and waited for me to finish work at 5:30pm he still had to drop the car off at the yard in Melbourne then head back to grays after. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone needing to scrap there cars. 5 star service.

Frequently Asked Questions – Hazara Car Removal Melbourne

Q: What is the procedure to sell my car with Hazara Car Removal?

A: Hazara Car Removal offers the simplest of procedures, just pick up your phone, dial 0409 145 434 and our experts will guide you masterfully.

Q: Is there an age limit for the vehicles Hazara Car Removal consider for purchasing from me?

A: No, Hazara Car Removal pays handsome cash for the oldest of vehicles once they pass the initial inspection.

Q: Where will I have to bring my vehicle for Hazara Car Removal Melbourne to have a look at it and eventually purchase it from me?

A: Hazara Car Removal can come to your doorstep or wherever your vehicle is parked in Melbourne. Just communicate with us your exact address and we will visit you same day or the next day if you called late in the day.

Q: What kind of vehicles does Hazara Car Removal consider?

A: Hazara Car Removal doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to the make, model or type of vehicles that we buy. You can have a car, truck, bus, jeep, SUV, sedan or practically any vehicle that runs or used to run on 4 or more wheels and we will pay handsome cash for it.

Q: When do I get paid for my vehicle removal?

A: Hazara Car Removal sends out an inspection team that surveys your vehicle and they will quote you the highest cash for your vehicle. If you agree to the deal, our team will pay you there and then on spot cash for your vehicle.

Q: Will I have to pay for towing or are there any other hidden charges?

A: Hazara Car Removal works in a very transparent way and there are no additional hidden charges at all. Once cash has been paid to you for your vehicle, all the next worries are ours including towing the vehicle to our location as well.

Q: Does my vehicle have to be registered or with all the usual certificates for it to be removed by Hazara Car Removal?

A: Hazara Car Removal has no limitations on whether your vehicle is registered or not. You just need to prove to our survey team that you own the full rights to sell the vehicle and we will pay you top cash for it.

Q: If my car is damaged or broken or not working at all, will Hazara Car Removal still consider it?

A: There is no limitation of the condition of the vehicle, it can be accidental damaged or miss a few parts here and there as well. Doesn’t matter of it is not working or starting on at all. Our junk car removal survey team will make an assessment of the vehicle right alongside you and present you with the highest cash quote in Melbourne area.

Q: Can I sell my vehicle to Hazara Car Removal if I still owe some finance for it?

A: No, we do not consider vehicles that are under finance and still have a few installments of finance to be cleared off. You need to have full ownership of your vehicle for us to purchase it from you.

Q: Why should I consider selling my unwanted vehicle to Hazara Car Removal Melbourne?

A: Unwanted vehicles that don’t work anymore or have gotten too old or too broken to be fixed usually just take up important space in garages or parking spaces wherever they might be at. To free up that important parking space near your driveway, in your garage or wherever the vehicle might be parked, get Hazara Junk Car Removal to take it off for you while paying you cash that you can use elsewhere as well.

Additionally, Hazara Junk Car Removals have the friendliest drivers and team members along with environmentally friendly removal vehicles that fulfil all the ethical and national guidelines in the Melbourne area. If you want highest amount of cash for cars in Melbourne, Hazara Car Removal is your one stop shop. No other junk car removal service in or near the Melbourne area will pay you more cash for cars of your unwanted vehicle than us.


We Buy Any Car in Melbourne

Car Removals Melbourne services have not been offered better before. Hazara Car Removals Melbourne is your most professional and dependable Scrap Car Removals service provider in and around the Melbourne region. We specialize in all Car Removals services for all cars and vehicles while paying top on-spot cash for them as well. Our Cash for Cars Melbourne service is available for:

  • Saloon, hatchback and all other types of cars
  • Trucks or larger domestic cars and vehicles
  • Minivans in all dimensions and sizes
  • Utes and all other domestic type vehicles
  • Commercial trucks and large loader vehicles
  • Trailers and/or any other types of commercial vehicles

All Wasted or Scrap Cars Accepted

Do you have a broken, bruised or scrap car in Melbourne and are looking for top dollar for its removal service? Hazara Car Removals Melbourne accepts any cars and vehicles in any given conditions. No need to look elsewhere, we will pay top dollar for your cars that might be in any conditions. Our Car Removals service is available for:

  • Any mechanically broken down cars or vehicles that might be beyond repair
  • Any seized engine non-functional cars that need too much time and money
  • Any accidental damaged cars that might be written off for any kind of usage
  • Any jammed any non-moving cars or vehicles parked in or around Melbourne

Hazara Car Removals Melbourne is a special service provider specializing in Car Removals Business in Melbourne. Our top rated Scrap Car Removals service tops all others in the region. You can expect best Car Removals Melbourne service leaving you with a pocket full of cash and an emptied parking space that you would be able to use for your newer cars or vehicles.

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